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Clear Free TV Error code

3 Methods to clear Free TV Error Code Messages

In this blog post, I will show you 3 methods in which all Free TV users can use to clear Error Code messages on their Digital TV box.

Nigeria Digital TV Box popularly known as Free TV, is gaining more popularity in the country, but one prevailing issues that confront users is the frequent display of error messages on the TV screen.

These error messages are popularly called Error Code.

What is Free TV Error Code?

Free TV Error code is a signal related problem that disrupt Digital TV Box service which result to error messages been display on the TV screen.

Types Of FREE TV Error Code Messages

  • Error code 200
  • Error code 69
  • Error code 20
  • Insert smart card
  • Insert sc


Free TV is a Digital terrestrial Television broadcasting platform offering a wide range of home Entertainment to Nigerians through highly entertaining and informative channels.

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Free TV brings to homes great choice of Free-to-Air (FTA) Channels with electronic programme guide (EPG).

Free TV covers the existing local, national, and selected international Free-to-Air channels.

Delivering Nigerian digital incentive channels with improved signal reception and picture quality directly to homes via Set top boxes.

What FREE TV Offers?

  • Free to Air Channels
  • News info Services
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Push Video on Demand
  • Crystal Clear Pictures
  • Electronic Programming
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Year subscription.

List of Free TV Channels in Jos

  • 711 1Music
  • 704 AIT
  • 722 NollyAfrica
  • 702 Channels
  • 748 CORE TV NEWS
  • 741 GALAXY TV
  • 601 LIBERTY TV
  • 501 NTA JOS
  • 731 NTA Sports
  • 703 NTA 24 NEWS
  • 504 PRTV JOS
  • 701 TVC NEWS

Causes of Free TV Error Code

Free TV uses DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) technology to convert analog TV transmission into digital form.

DTT is most affected by signal issues. It uses Mask like the telecom mask to transmit digital TV signal to large audience.

So to receive good signal, you will need good outdoor antenna with good height above your roof.

That is one of the causes of Error code messages on most Free TV digital box. Another factor is programmability.

Most decoders receive Error Code messages on their TV screen because it has been programmed to behave like that because of free bonuses received by those box.

I have seen example, during the 2Month Free Access by April to June 2020, Lockdown Era.

However, the 2Month Free Access was actually more than two month, I give NBC credit for that, because only Free TV gave Nigerians free view access during the lockdown.

Another causes is attributed to the user. How we use our digital box, can result to Error code been display on our TV screen.

I will list it as methods to mitigate Error Code messages been display on our TV screen below.

Methods to  Mitigate Free TV Error Code Messages

  • Do not always remove Antenna connection from your Box.
  • Do not leave your Box idle for a long time, that is always use it.
  • Use Outdoor Antenna, because optimal signal is the vital for proper functioning.
  • Do not use Indoor Antenna, because of poor signal reception can affect proper functioning of your box like Error code messages.

3 Methods to Clear Free TV Error Code Messages

  1. Send RF <box ID> as SMS to 09087845997 e.g. RF 302089873465 then do a Factory Reset if box is not up after 5mins.
  2. Call 07003887277 (from any network), select option “”2″”, and follow the instruction. Again, do a Factory Reset if box is not up after 5mins.
  3. You can also call 07003887277 and select option “”3″” to speak with Customer Care Representative.

Calling Customer Care Representative, seems to be the best option to clear Error Code messages.

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But getting in touch with the help line representative, it will cost you a fortune. I mean it is difficult to get them on phone.

Clearing Error Code messages became difficult when the option (2 &1) was disabled for all Free TV users.

Option (2) above was the easiest method to clear Error Code messages on any Free TV Digital Box.

It is disabled because NBC ( Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation) are currently carrying out Upgrade on their infrastructure.

We don’t know how long, it will take, but for now, that is the
way it is.

So if are looking forward to clear your Free TV Error code, call NBC contact service on 07003887277 and reply with option 3 to speak with agent.

If want me to clear your Error Code Messages, I do charge a service fee of N300, if you are not willing to pay me, my service charge to clear your Error code messages please don’t WhatsApp Me, please just call NBC contact service.

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