Fast Cheap Cloud Storage, 80% Cheaper Than AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud…

Store all your data for way less money No more tiers. Pay one low price that’s 80% less than Amazon S3.

Watch this Video: Introduction to Wasabi Client for Mac & Windows.

What Makes Us Hot

Regardless of how you access Wasabi hot cloud storage (Mac, Windows, or S3 API), we offer sizzling hot price and performance, plus unlimited free egress.

Watch this video: Wasabi Cloud Storage Quick Start Tutorial.

Wasabi Cloud Storage

Wasabi offers two different options for connecting to our Hot Cloud Storage Service:
  • Simplified Cloud Storage

For Mac & Windows (Beta)

Perfect for Mac and Windows users looking for a simple way to use cloud storage.

  • S3-compatible Cloud Storage

    For IT Professionals

    Suitable for IT Professionals familiar with the AWS S3 API and apps that use it.

Check out: For Mac & Windows and IT Professional

  • 80% less than AWS S3
  • Unlimited free egress
  • No charge for API calls


  • 6x faster than AWS S3
  • Super-fast uploads
  • Fastest downloads


  • Data center redundancy
  • 11 x 9s data durability
  • Immutable storage

Security & Trust

  • Enterprise security
  • Full encryption
  • HIPAA & CJIS certified

Ease of Use

  • Free simple client
  • Drag-n-drop transfers
  • Full S3 API support


Oyakhilome Ogbeta is a web developer and networking engineer. Oyakhilome has more than six years' experience in networking. Oyakhilome has a proven track record in networking/web applications deployment.

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