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Free TV Before Renewing

Before Renewing Free TV Decoder Subscription

Before renewing your Free TV decoder subscription, there are conditions you must satisfy, before recharging your Free TV Box.

Since failure to comply with this conditions, can make your Box not to receive payment entitlement, thereafter your Box will not work after successful recharging.

Your Box can really be idle – not working after payment for many Days or Weeks. So I recommend you continue to read to all the tricks.

Conditions Before recharging Free TV Decoder Box

  1. Your Decoder must be Switch-ON
  2. Your decoder must be connected to antenna
  3. There must be two Green light at the front of your decoder screen
  4. If your Box have expired for more than six month, factory reset the Box

1. Your Decoder must be Switch-ON

Free TV payment system is not automated like like that of GOtv or StarTimes.

It is very important you recharge your Free TV Box decoder when there is light.

First you have to switch-ON your Free TV decoder and your TV set, allow the Free TV Box to boot properly to receive payment entitlement.

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2. Your decoder must be Connected to Out-door Antenna

Before renewing your Free TV Box subscription, you must ensure that your Free TV decoder is properly connected to out-door antenna.

Because if your antenna is faulty, or your antenna signal is weak or your antenna is not properly connected to your Free TV decoder, after recharging your Box, the decoder will not be able to receive
your payment entitlement.

note that you are not suppose to use indoor antenna, because of weak signal.

Weak signal affect transmission signal which result to skipping on your TV screen.

Indoor antenna is mostly affected during raining season, which lead to ERROR Code, NULL SERVICE, No Signal and memory lost – misbehaving of the decoder.

3. There must be two Green light on your Decoder front screen


Free TV two Green light ON

Before renewing your Free TV subscription, you must ensure that, there is two Green light notification at the front of your decoder screen.

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The two Green entails, your Decoder is power-ON, properly connected to antenna and your antenna is working.

The LEFT Green light represent power-ON while the RIGHT Green light represent antenna.

However, if you see red light on the RIGHT of your Free TV decoder screen, it means that, either your antenna is not plug-in or your antenna connection is faulty or your antenna signal strength is very low.

Befor Free TV Renewing

Free TV decoder No Antenna Signal Red light

Low signal strength will affect your Box performance, the result is either Scanning or searching for channels, after searching, you
get NO SIGNAL, or you get ERROR Code issues or NULL SERVICE or memory lost – misbehaving.

The red light on the LEFT hand side of your Free TV decoder means, either your Box is Switch-OFF or is not working.

4. Factory reset

Factory Reset or Default Settings is a process of restoring any decoder to the initial factory status.

When you Factory Reset a decoder, the decoder is restored to the configuration of how is was manufacture from the factory, hence Factory Settings.

This Factory Settings does not affect your existing subscriptions be it Free TV, GOtv or StarTimes.

When you Factory Reset your Free TV, you are actually refreshing the memory to receive either re-activation signal or payment entitlement refresh.

If your Box have been idle for a long time, and you want to renew your subscription, just remember to Factory Reset your Free TV decoder before recharging.

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