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Free tv error code

How To Clear Error Code Message On FREE TV Decoder Box

All FREE TV subscribers really need to learn how to clear error code message on their FREE TV decoder box.

Error messages is one of the most frequent issues that any viewers will experience on their digital box.

Error messages is caused by signal related issues. FREE TV uses DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) technology to broadcast TV channels to viewers.

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DTT uses antenna mask like telecom mask which can
be affected by weather, distance, geographical barrier and signal fluctuation.

All these affects your digital box signal and as result trigger error code messages on your FREE TV decoder box.

Types Of FREE TV Error Code Messages

  1. Error code 200
  2. Error code 69
  3. Error code 20
  4. Insert smart card
  5. Insert sc


Free TV is a broadcasting platform offering a wide range of home Entertainment to Nigerians through highly entertaining and informative channels.

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It brings to homes great choice of Free-to-Air (FTA) Channels with electronic programme guide (EPG). It covers the existing local, national, and selected international Free-to-Air channels.

Delivering Nigerian digital incentive channels with improved signal reception and picture quality directly to homes via Set top boxes.

Currently available in six States on of the federation; Abuja, Plateau, Kaduna, Kwara, Enugu and Osun.

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FREE TV has 1.28 Million subscribers as of the time of writing this post, 27 channels, 6 Cities covered and
320,000 active subscribers.

These Channels Comprise of Local, Regional, And Free-to-Air Channels Which may differ in Number for location to location.

Because in Jos, Plateau State, we have just two TV channels, NTA Jos and PRTV Jos. Others State might have more local TV channels.

What FREE TV Offers?

  • Free to Air Channels
  •  News info Services
  •  Great Sound Quality
  •  Push Video on Demand
  •  Crystal Clear Pictures
  •  Electronic Programming
  •  No Monthly Subscription
  •  Year subscription

list Of FREE TV Channels

  1. 1Music
  2. AIT
  3. NollyAfrica
  4. Channels
  9. NTA 24 NEWS
  10. STV
  11. TVC NEWS
  14. AWA TV
  15. Dexterity
  16. ONYX TV
  17. Wazobia TV
  18. RAVE TV
  19. NTA Parliament
  20. Correct TV
  21. TV Stations in Your State.

How To Clear Error Code Message On FREE TV

Have you renewed your DAF but still experience any of the following error codes or sudden display of error code message on your FREE TV like, Error code 200, Error code 69, Error code 20, Insert Smart card, Insert sc.

Follow any of the method below to solve these error code message on your FREE TV decoder box.

  1. Method 1. For SMS, simply send RF <space>Box ID to 07050303939.
    Example RF 302012345678 SEND TO 07050303939.
  2. Method 2. Dial 07003887277, select option 2 and follow the voice prompt.

Method two is the most effective, most reliable approach and fastest approach to clear error code message on your FREE TV decoder box, if your subscription have not expired.

However if your subscription is about to expire, like about two month to expire. In most cases I have experience and your decoder box is displaying error code on your TV screen, then you need to renew your box subscription.

Why? is because, if you tried to clear error message on your box, the message will not clear, even customer care, can not restore your FREE TV access. He/She will simply tell to go and renew your DAF subscription.

If you are reading this blog post, you experience this type of particular issue, what you are expected to do is to renew or recharge your DAF subscription.

However, this claim is not true for all decoder box showing error messages.

There are some digital box decoders that the error code message will clear, however the expiring date of the receiver must be more than two month.

Do you still have problem recharging your FREE TV, Clear error code, solve FREE TV signal and service related issues, WhatsApp Me Now.

What Causes Free TV Service Suspended – Error Code Message?

I can’t tell the reason. I believe this particular issue started as a result of two months COVID-19 FREE ACCESS. May be, they were trying to recover what they gave to their viewers.

It can also be signal related issues or their expiration date have been adjusted that way on their system.

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