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How to Clear Free TV ERROR CODES Messages Updated 2021

How to clear ERROR CODES messages on Free TV or Digital Terrestrial Television is one of the re-occurring problems associated with these terrestrial Digital Boxes in Africa.

This signal related problem can make the Digital Terrestrial TV Boxes to display any of this messages like: Error code 20, Error code 200,Error code 69, Insert sc, Insert smart card.

Any of these ERROR CODES is Service Suspended. This means that, you can only watch the TV channels of the State you are living.

When you switch to other TV channels on your Free TV decoder or DTT, Service Suspended – ERROR CODE message will be display on your TV screen.

In most cases, the procedure on how to solve this problem is not properly communicated to Free TV or DTT owners in Africa.

That is, the awareness on how to clear Error Codes messages is low. This will result to Free TV or DTT owners in Africa searching on the internet, on how to clear ERROR CODES messages on their decoder.

Some people have contacted from South Africa, concerning clearing ERROR CODE on their DTT Set-top Boxes.

Each time they contacted me, I always felt bad, because, I don’t have the capacity to solve their problem. All what I could say is, Default Factory Settings, which in some cases helps.

Causes of Free TV or DTT ERROR CODES

Digital Terrestrial Television uses antenna mask like telecom mask which can be affected by weather, distance, geographical barrier and signal fluctuation.

All this affects FREE TV or DTT signal and as result will trigger any of the ERROR CODE message on FREE TV or DTT receiver.

Another cause I have seen, is when you are using indoor antenna. Indoor antenna have low signal rate.

This low signal rate of indoor antenna, will become more poor, during the raining season.

Which will eventually lead to most Free TV and DTT Set-Top Boxes in Africa to have any one of the ERROR CODES messages.

Low signal quality affect DTT or Free TV which can also lead to ERROR CODE message on your decoder.

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Moreso, changing your antenna from Free TV or DTT decoder to GOtv or StarTimes, can also cause ERROR CODE message on your Free TV Set-top Boxes.

Types Of FREE TV or DTT Error Code Messages

  • Error code 200
  • Error code 69
  • Error code 20
  • Insert smart card
  • Insert sc


Free TV is a broadcasting platform offering a wide range of home Entertainment to Nigerians through highly entertaining and informative channels.

Free TV brings to homes great choice of Free-to-Air (FTA) Channels with electronic programme guide (EPG).

Free TV covers the existing local, national, and selected international Free-to-Air channels.

Delivering Nigerian digital incentive channels with improved signal reception and picture quality directly to homes via Set-top boxes.

Currently available in six States on of the federation; Abuja, Plateau, Kaduna, Kwara, Enugu, Osun and Lagos.

What FREE TV Offers?

  • Free to Air Channels
  •  News info Services
  •  Great Sound Quality
  •  Push Video on Demand
  •  Crystal Clear Pictures
  •  Electronic Programming
  •  No Monthly Subscription
  •  Year subscription.

Plateau State Free TV Channels List

  • 1Music
  • AIT
  • NollyAfrica
  • Channels
  • NTA 24
  • NTA 24 NEWS
  • STV
  • OurSport

How to Clear ERROR CODES on DTT FREE TV Set Top Boxes

To clear ERROR CODES message on your Free TV, simply send a text message on your phone like this:

RF [space] Unique ID Box, send to 09087845997.

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It is not instantly. You have to leave your Free TV decoder ON, properly connected to antenna and give some time.

There is no specific time, for your service to resume. It depends on the network for that particular period you sent the RF- Refresh Signal.

All you need to do, after sending RF [space] Unique Box ID as a text message on your phone, is to leave your decoder ON and properly connected to antenna to receive Activation Signal that will be send to your decoder.

If still you can not follow this procedure to resolve ERROR CODES on your Free TV decoder, I will help you to resolve it. But I will charge you small few of N300. So if you need my service WhatAPP Me.

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