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Free TV Unique Box ID

 How to Check Free TV Unique Box ID Number

Knowing how to check your Free TV Unique Box ID number is necessary for every Free TV users.

In this blog post, I will guide you on how to check your Free TV Unique Box ID number on your own.

I recommend you continue reading this post, to know how to check your Unique Box ID Number at the comfort of your home.

What is Free TV?

Free TV is DTT and DTH broadcasting platform offering a wide range of home Entertainment to Nigerians through highly entertaining and informative channels.

FreeTV brings to homes great choice of Free-to-Air (FTA)
Channels with electronic programme guide (EPG).

FreeTV covers the existing local, national, and selected international Free-to-Air channels.

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Delivering Nigerian digital incentive channels with improved signal reception and picture quality directly to homes via Set top boxes.

Types of Free TV

  1. Antenna Free TV (DTT)
  2. Dish Free TV (Satellite)

1. Antenna version Free TV was the first type of Free TV that was introduced in 2014/15.

The antenna version of Free TV is currently covering six States; Abuja, Plateau, Kaduna, Kwara, Enugu and Osun.

Free TV antenna has more than 1.28 Million subscribers as of the time of writing this post, 27 channels, 6 Cities covered and 320,000 active subscribers.

2. Dish Free TV was introduced in 2019/20 and is receivable in all States in Nigeria.

Free TV Satellite version has no coverage barrier like the Antenna version. You can watch Free TV dish in any village in Nigeria.

This is because it uses satellite signal unlike the Antenna type that uses mask signal.

Why Some States Have More Free TV Channels Than Others?

Free TV Channels Comprise of Local, Regional, And Free-to-Air Channels Which may differ in Number for location to location.

Example, in Jos, Plateau State, we have just two TV channels, that are currently enlisted on Free TV platform, these are NTA Jos and PRTV Jos.

Others State might have more local TV channels enlisted on Free TV network. This is the reason why, some States tends to have more TV channels than others.

FREE TV Features

  • Free to Air Channels
  • News info Services
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Push Video on Demand
  • Crystal Clear Pictures
  • Electronic Programming
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Year subscription

List of FreeTV Channels in Jos

  • 711 1Music
  • 704 AIT
  • 722 NollyAfrica
  • 702 Channels
  • 748 CORE TV NEWS
  • 741 GALAXY TV
  • 601 LIBERTY TV
  • 501 NTA JOS
  • 731 NTA Sports
  • 703 NTA 24 NEWS
  • 504 PRTV JOS
  • 701 TVC NEWS

What is Free TV Unique Box ID Number?

Free TV Unique Box ID Number is the identifier of your own Free TV Digital Box on the Free TV Platform.

It is unique, means two Free TV can not have the same Unique Box ID Number.

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Whether the Free TV is Gospel Nigeria, Sky-Run SMK, Digitune, Ibox Engineering, just to mention a few, can not have, the same Unique Box ID Number.

This Free TV Unique Box ID Number is similar to GOtv IUC Number. On the StarTimes Network, it is similar to StarTimes Card Number.

Several times, people WhatsApp me, asking, how to check their Free TV Unique Box ID number.

That is one of the reason I am writing this blog post, to help people, should incase they Google for this question.

  • How to Check Your Free TV Unique Box ID Number?
  • Ensure proper connection between your Free TV Box and your TV set.
  • Then ON your Free TV Digital Box and your TV set.
  • Allow it to boot to a TV channel on your TV screen.
  • Then on your Free TV remote press MENU, locate SETTINGS and locate DIGITAL TV PASS, here you should see your Unique Box ID Number.

When your Free TV subscription have expired, when you ON your Free TV decoder, it will boot to a section on your screen with your Unique Box ID Number automatically.

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