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Free TV Online subscription

FREE TV Online Subscription Recharge Center

Online Free TV subscription recharge center is created for people who don’t have Free TV recharging outlet in their location.

However, if you need to urgently re-subscribe your Free TV, you are also welcome.

Note this platform (Online Free TV subscription recharge center is for people who can not recharge or re-subscribe their Free TV on their own.

If you can not recharge or you prefer we recharge your free TV Box for you, this platform is for you. But you will pay us a minimum fee of N1800.

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Free TV Online Subscription Requirement

  • Power supply – light
  • ON your Free decoder and TV, allow your decoder to boot to expired screen.
  • Snap the expired screen, ensure the image is very clear & sharp.
  • Or if your Free TV is yet to expire completely, Press MENU on your Free TV remote, then SETTINGS and locate DIGITAL TV PASS, snap the screen
  • WhatsApp or Telegram it.
  • Ensure there is 2 green light on your Free TV decoder front screen.
  • Send your Payment (N1800) to First Bank, account name: Ogbeta Oyakhilome Eric.

As soon as we receive your payment, we will recharge your Free TV. In few minutes after recharging, your service will resume, all your TV channels will start working.

15-20 minutes after recharging your TV stations will start
working automatically.

You really have to ON your Free TV decoder, snap and send the photos to us, so that we can extract your Unique Box ID.
We don’t accept you sending your Unique Box ID numbers to us.

The Reason is, if you make a mistake on the Unique Box ID number, we wouldn’t know. Since Free TV recharging is not like GOtv or StarTimes that will pop up the account name.

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So we wouldn’t be liable for your mistake or error. If it happens we make the mistake when extracting your details from the photo, we will be responsible for that.

We will bear the lost for mistake and recharge your Free TV decoder for you, at our loss.

So pay with confidence. Don’t be afraid of scam, we don’t scam people and we will never do.

If it happens, we couldn’t solve your problem, I don’t pray for that to happen, you will get FULL REFUND of your money. We really want to use this platform to solve this challenge.

Motivation for Online Recharge Center

Few days ago, a Man contacted from Auchi, Edo State. He wants to re-subscribe his Free TV.

I was very busy in the office, then I ask the Man, go to any Free TV outlet closer to you for recharging or I will send a link on my blog to you on how to recharge Free TV.

The Man said: There is no Free TV outlet in his location and he can’t recharge on his own.

I just knew that was a big challenge. I have to attend to him and recharge his Free TV for him. I’m from Edo State, but
I live in the Jos.

And I believe people all over the Country might have this problem. So we really want to see how we can solve this problem of Free TV recharge for people who don’t have outlet center closer to them.

Free TV is been manage by Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), so they don’t really care about solving customer issues.

I don’t mean they don’t solve customer issues, what I want you to understand is the altitude in solving problem.

Anything own and manage by the Government in Nigeria is always like that.

I don’t work with NBC, I’m a Free TV Evangelist, a technology enthusiast. I have wast knowledge on pay TV like GOtv, StarTimes, DSTV and IPTV.

You can as well contact me for your Web Design, SEO Management, Internet Networking- WiFi, Local Area Network
and Wide Area Network Installation, configuration, Maintenance and Infrastructure Upgrade.

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