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Free TV PlayVOD Dongle how to activate your services 
FreeTV PlayVOD

Activate Free TV PlayVOD Services

The PlayVOD service allows users to select and watch Nollywood Blockbuster movies from the comfort of their homes at an affordable price. You can access this service by connecting a PLAYVOD Stick to your FREETV Decoder.

Activate your service by purchasing a PlayVOD Dongle which is inserted into your FreeTV Set Top Box.

The Dongle is pre-loaded with a wide range of the latest Nollywood movies– plus, enjoy your first move rental free on us.

The Play Video On Demand (VOD) service is an exciting new way to get the latest Nollywood blockbuster movies direct to your Free TV Set Top Box without any internet or mobile charges.

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Brand new Nollywood movies are automatically delivered to your PlayVOD Dongle which can store up to 18 movies.

These movies are regularly refreshed with the latest ‘straight from cinema’ releases – available for you to rent whenever you want and have it delivered to your PlayVOD Dongle.

Get exclusive Nollywood Blockbuster vovies that are not available on DVD. PlayVOD is equiped with digital quality and sound with no internet or mobile data charges, no monthly subscription charges, affordable price and to rent.

FREE TV PlayVOD Movies

Your PlayVOD Dongle will usually come pre-loaded with at least 12 movies and more will be downloaded over time. The amount of movies available on your PlayVOD Dongle will vary depending on their length but typically it will store around 18 movies.

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Just pay for what you watch. All PlayVOD movies are in high-quality digital picture and sound format, so you are guaranteed a ‘cinema at home’ experience – plus you can pause, rewind and fast forward just like a DVD!

You can select any movie that has been downloaded to your PlayVOD Dongle. You can check which movies are available by checking the PlayVOD menu on your FreeTV Set Top Box.

activate PlayVOD

You have 72 hours from confirmation to watch your movie. You can watch the same movie as many times as you like during that period. Also you can purchase up to 18 movies per day.

FREE TV PlayVOD Payment Methods

When you select a movie from the PlayVOD catalogue on your FreeTV box you will be given three options to activate PlayVOD Dongle services:

1.    Pay by Voucher: you need to buy a voucher for N100 or 200 from your local FreeTV dealership and follow the instruction on screen and on the voucher using your mobile phone.

2.     Pay by Short Code: From your mobile phone, First Bank Customers for example, please dial *894*89413142*Movie Price#.

For other banks, please dial *402*89413142*Movie price#. Input your 15 digit BOX ID and 3 digit MOVIE ID together Example :301421610113011 Please note:

There is no space between the BOX ID and the MOVIE ID, the MOVIE ID must be 3 digits, if less than 3 please 0 in front e.g if the Movie ID is 11, write as 011.

3.    Pay Online via ATM card: Online payment using your ATM card is one of the most easiest and convenient method to rent blockbuster movies on PlayVOD catalogue on your FreeTV box.

PlayVOD Services

Large proportion of  Nigerians use smart phones for surfing and online transactions. If you are tech savvy Simply click on this link PlayVOD Online payment, it will automatically route you to PlayVOD online payment page on the FreeTV website.

How To Rent Movies On FREE TV PlayVOD

  1. Simply insert your unique id box
  2. Enter your Names
  3. Put your email
  4. Insert your phone number
  5. Enter your Address
  6. Select a movie of your choice
  7. Click MAKE PAYMENT.

What Is The Technical Issues about FREE TV PlayVOD Dongle Services?

Your PlayVOD service uses clever technology that continues to download movies when your Set Top Box is in standby mode.

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Your FreeTV Set Top Box will not be able to download movies whilst it is not receiving power. However, any interrupted or partial downloads will recommence when power is reconnected.

More so, when you connect your PlayVOD Dongle to another computer it will reformat and you will lose all your stored movies.

If you lost your PlayVOD Dongle you don’t need to worry! Your movies will gradually be reloaded to your PlayVOD Dongle, however it might take some time depending on how long you have your Set Top Box switched on.

On average one movie per night should be restored to your Play VOD Dongle. If your PlayVOD gets damaged and the fault is a result of a manufacturing defect, and is within 12 months of the purchase date, you should return your PlayVOD Dongle to the dealership you bought it from, with proof or purchase, to obtain a replacement.

Only authorised, certified PlayVOD Dongles can be used with your PlayVOD service. Only authorised PlayVOD Dongles will work with your Set Top Box and PlayVOD service.

You must have a valid active Digital TV Pass (DAF) to use both the FreeTV Set Top Box and the PlayVOD service. You can use your PlayVOD Dongle on another FreeTV box but any pre-existing purchases will not be transferred.

how FreeTV

When your FreeTV Set Top Box is damaged, you can linked your PlayVOD Dongle to another Box, but you will loose your purchases as your PlayVOD Dongle is paired to your original Set Top Box.

When you connect your original PlayVOD dongle to the new FreeTV Set Top Box, it will reformat (wipe the data) and start to download the movies again.


The PlayVOD Dongle is under a special promo for Movie loving people and is Absolutely Free, however you are required to make movie purchases worth N500 to obtain the PlayVod dongle.

Your FreeTV Set Top Box will downloads movies for free and does not cost you any money in internet charges. No monthly subscription, you only pay for what you choose to watch.

At the moment your PlayVOD service has two tiers of movies to choose from, N100 and N200 Movies. Once you have selected and paid for a movie mistakenly, the transaction can not be cancelled.

Where to Buy FREE TV PlayVOD

Nigerian Digital Terrestrial Receiver also purpularly known as FreeTV is currently available in six states in Nigeria – Abuja, Kaduna, Jos, Kwara, Enugu, Osun.

But PlayVOD Dongle Services is only available in Abuja and Kaduna.

FREE TV PlayVod Dealers In Abuja 

Suite 301 Ansar Plaza, Beside Ecobank Mpape,
By Berger Quarry Junction. Tel:07057678486

Beside Skye Bank, FHA Lugbe.

Dutse Alhaji Road, Bwari.

Suite A14 Nkwegu Plaza, Opposite Benue links Park
Area 3 Junction,

FREE TV PlayVod In Kaduna Dealers

3 Dokaje Street by Toll Gate,
Ungwar Romi, Kaduna.

Lagos garage, Opp. God is Good Motors,
Kawo, Kaduna.

Shop No. 60 & 73 Mudatex Plaza
Ahmadu Bello/ Gombe Road,
Opp FCMB Cooporative Building Branch,
Kaduna. Tel:08139321556- 07051285478

Shop No. 6, Mcjewel Computer Plaza,
No. 95 Kachia Road by Old Police Station
Sabo Last Bus stop
Kaduna. Tel:08139321556- 07051286478

329 Kachia Road, Opp Charity bus stop,
Elshaddai Plaza, Sabo, Tasha, Kaduna.

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