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FREETV After Recharging

FreeTV After Recharging Free TV

FreeTV, After Recharging Free TV & your Service isn’t up.

If after recharging your FREETV & your Service isn’t up, there are few things, you need to do, so that your Service can resume.

However, there is no specific time, for your Service to resume after successfully renewing of your Digital TV Pass.

It all depends on Network, Payment Gateway, Service and on the End-user side.

We will be taking about what the End-user should do, on his/her side to make your FREETV Decoder Box to receive payment entitlement, so as to make your FREETV to start working.

I this blog post, I will be guiding you, on what you need to do, after you have successfully recharge your FREETV Box, you can not watch any TV channel.

So, I recommend you continue to read to get all the details.

What is FREETV

Free TV is a Digital Terrestrial Television offering a wide range of home Entertainment to Nigerians through highly entertaining and informative channels.

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Free TV brings to homes great choice of Free-to-Air (FTA) Channels with electronic programme guide (EPG).

FreeTV covers the existing local, national, and selected international Free-to-Air channels.

Delivering Nigerian digital incentive channels with improved signal reception and picture quality directly to homes via Set-top Boxes.

Things to do After Recharging FREE TV & your Service isn’t up

  1. Ensure your antenna is good & working
  2. Ensure tight connection between your Decoder Box and antenna
  3. Check the front of your FREETV decoder screen for two green light
  4. Factory Reset your FREETV decoder Box
  5. Refresh FREETV Decoder Box

1. Ensure your antenna is working. If you antenna is bad, there is absolutely nothing you can do, to make your FREETV subscription to work.

This is the first and basic step to enforce your subscription to work.

2. Ensure tight connection between your antenna & your FREETV decoder port.

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Since if there is no tight connection between the two, your FREETV decoder will not receive signal. Without signal, your FREETV can not work.

3. The next thing to do, after successful recharge of your FREETV decoder Box and your service is not up, is to check the front of your FREETV decoder screen for two green light.

There must be two green light for your FREETV decoder Box to work. Note that, the green light on the Left-Hand-Side is for POWER while the one on the Right-Hand-Side is for SIGNAL.

4. Factory reset your FREETV receiver. To Factory reset your Box, that is your already expired FREE TV decoder, press the RED button on your FREE TV remote, and follow the screen prompt.

Note you will see the RED button to factory reset or default setting,
on the bottom left on your TV screen.

5. Refresh your Box signal. You can do this by sending RF as a text message on your phone then you give space Unique ID Box  and then send to 09087845997.

After following all these steps, your FREETV subscription is not activated. What you should do is to leave your FREE TV decoder ON and properly connected to antenna to receive payment entitlement.

That is all, that is required of you to do. After some time your Service will automatically pick.

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