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How To Check MTN Phone Number With USSD Code

Check MTN Number

USSD Code To Check MTN Phone Number

New MTN subscribers often find it difficult to check or extract their numbers from their phone.

This often happens because they have not yet memorize their number or they don’t know how to check their mobile number from their phone.

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Sometimes People can really forget their phone number when under stress, anxiety or when frightened. Some under this condition tends to give the wrong number.

In this ultimate guide, I will show you, how to know to instantly check your MTN number from your mobile phone.

In this guide, on how to check your mobile number, I will show you how to dial a simple USSD code on your phone to immediately check your number.

How to Check MTN Number With USSD Code

First all we need to do it to tap Phone(call) icon on our phone. That is if you are using smartphone, to bring out numbers for you to dial.

Then dial *663#. While for those that are not using smartphone(small phone) can just dial this USSD code *663# on their phone directly.

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Instantly your MTN number will be display on your phone screen and also text message of your number will be sent immediately to your phone.

Dialing the USSD code *663# to extract your MTN number is the simplest and easiest method to check your number should in case your forget or you have not yet memorize your mobile number.

 Two Methods To Check Your MTN Number?

  1.  Dial *663# on your MTN phone number.
  2.  Dial *123*1*1# on your MTN mobile number.

If you are reading this blog post and you know any simpler method to check MTN number than this, please drop a message using the comment below. Thanks for reading.

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