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How to Link StarTimes Decoder to StarTimes ON App

StarTimes decoder

How to Link StarTimes Decoder to StarTimes ON Streaming Mobile App

StarTimes decoder subscribers can now link their decoder to StarTimes ON mobile streaming application to enjoy all the live channels on their decoder subscription on StarTimes mobile application.

Do you know you can pay your StarTimes subscriptions from the comfort of your home, WHATSAPP ME NOW.

In this ultimate guide, I will show you how to link your StarTimes decoder to StarTimes ON application, to watch all live channels on your decoder live on StarTimes mobile application.

StarTimes viewers can now link up to three devices to just a single StarTimes decoder and stream different live channels
at the same time on StarTimes ON app.

What Is StarTimes?

StarTimes is a Chinese electronics and media company with strong presence in Africa, that offers digital terrestrial television and satellite television services to consumers,
provides technologies to countries and broadcasters that are switching from analog to digital television.

What Is StarTimes ON Mobile Streaming App?

StarTimes ON is Africa’s leading video streaming service for watching live TV and entertainment on your phone. Over 20million users worldwide have installed the app, which offers the best video watching experience anywhere, anytime.

Get this free App and you can instantly watch thousands of TV series, blockbusters, local contents, latest news and the most anticipated football matches.

Plus, with tons of kids and education content, your children are gonna love StarTimes ON as well.

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Brief History of StarTimes

StarTimes Group was founded in 1988 by Chinese engineer Pang Xinxing. He is the current chairman of StarTimes. In 2002, StarTimes began to expand its business to Africa.

In 2007, it became the first digital television operator licensed by Rwanda. Since then, StarTimes has established subsidiaries in 30 African countries

In 2009, StarTimes and the Tanzania Public Service Broadcaster formed a joint venture to roll out digital migration.

In February 2016, StarTimes was awarded a DTH(Direct-to-Home) license in Ivory Coast but the operations began in October 2016.

On November 23, 2016, StarTimes was one of the three companies selected by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to establish and operate DTH distribution services in Pakistan for 15 years.

On September 2, 2017, the Government of Chad and StarTimes signed an agreement on digital migration.

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After a lengthy process, StarTimes was chosen to build a Digital Terrestrial Television network that will include digitization of national infrastructures, television broadcast and reception.

In 2018, StarTimes began to implement “Access to satellite TV for 10,000 African villages”,  a China-Africa cooperation project aimed at giving rural areas of Africa access to digital media.

In June 2018, StarTimes launched ON, a video streaming service (OTT) giving access to dozens of channels in Africa.
As of July 2019, StarTimes operates in 30 countries and serves 26 million users.

How To Link StarTimes Decoder to StarTimes Mobile Application

  1. First download StarTimes ON mobile application on Google Play Store or Apple iOS store.
  2. Tap me(icon) at the bottom right hand side.
  3. Tap SIGN In at the top of StarTimes ON app.
  4. Sign in with Facebook, Google gmail or with starTimes On account. If you don’t have of the above account, tap register to create new startimes ON account.
  5. Tap StarTimes Decoder service.
  7. Enter your Smart Card ID.
  8. Enter the last six digit of your decoder S/N number.
  9. Tap LINK

Enjoy all live TV channels subscription of your decoder bouquet on your mobile phone with StarTimes On mobile streaming app.

If have StarTimes decoder and you are using android or Apple phone why not download StarTimes ON app from Google Play Store and Apple iOS store.

Link your decoder to StarTimes ON app and stream all live channels of your decoder subscription on your mobile phone.

Do you know you can pay your StarTimes subscriptions from the comfort of your home, WHATSAPP ME NOW.

Remember you can watch the same channels at the same time on three different device by simply just linking your decoder to the three device.

Watch the Video here.

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