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How To Make Money From Your Blog With NG Adverts

If you don’t make money from your blog, you should Sign Up as a Publisher on NG Adverts, create and integrate your unique ad code and get paid to display the ads from advertisers.

Monetize your website traffic by placing ad codes from NG Adverts publisher account. NG Adverts gives you money for every valid click from your websites.

Our system ensures that ads from highest bidders are rendered on your websites, thereby assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time.

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How To Monetize Your Blog With NG Adverts

Signing Up on NG Adverts is just so simple. The Sign Up page is divided into two. The first one is the ACCOUNT INFORMATION while the second is PERSONAL INFORMATION.

On the ACCOUNT INFORMATION page you required to supply your user name, Password and select account type, when you are on account type, you can select Publisher or Advertiser & Publisher.

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On the PERSONAL INFORMATION side, supply the required information on that side. If your blog or website does not have have a logo, you can leave it, it doesn’t change anything.

After filling all the details, click register at bottom of the page. You will have to wait for atleast one day for your blog to be approve by NG Adverts.

There is no minimum traffic requirement for your blog. This is makes NG Adverts very important choice for any blogger that want to make money from their blog.

After approving your blog, the next stage is to start creating Ads codes and inserting it on your blog. NG Adverts Publisher dashboard is very easy to understand and navigate.

Even though you new to creating Ads codes, you will discover that NG Adverts Publisher dashboard is easy and very simple to understand and use.

How To Choose The Ad Code Sizes Advertisers Frequently Target

As a publisher, it is important you know the ad code sizes advertisers usually target their ads to and ensure that most of your ad code sizes display these high demand sizes.

If you are really serious about increasing your earnings from PPC Advertising in general, you must have at least one of these ad code sizes displayed on a very visible position on your site:

  • 300×250 (Multi Purpose Unit that can display on both
  • desktop and mobile view)
  • 728×90 (Desktop Only)
  • 320×100 (Multi Purpose Unit but best for mobile view)
  • 300×600 (Multi Purpose Unit)
  • 336×280 (Desktop and mobile)
  • Native Ads

Displaying ads with any of these frequently targeted ad code sizes will expose your site visitors to more variety of ads from different advertisers for them to engage with.

If you use any ad code size that is rarely used, you will have less variety of ads for your site visitors to engage with.

How To Display Ad Codes In Visible Areas

I have seen some Publishers have their banners displayed at the footer of the site and I wonder if they ever want these ads to be seen by their visitors.

From our experience and hard data, we have discovered that banners displayed just below the title and inside the article body of your page do better than others placed anywhere else on the site.

However, feel free to run some tests and see what works best for your site. Secondly, displaying your banners on all the pages on your site increases the chances of your site visitors viewing ads from advertisers and engaging with them.

How To Paste Ad Codes On Your Blog

Knowing how to paste Ad Codes on your website is very important especially when you are new to creating Ad codes and pasting it to display the Ads on your website.

If you using html is simpler, just copy the Ad Codes and paste it on every section, page or post you want it to display. However if you are using WordPress is it different.

Since you can’t just copy and paste Ad Code where ever you want like that. You have no switch from Visual to Text. How to switch from Visual to Text on WordPress?

When you click add a new post from your WordPress dashboard, click on Text at the top right corner of the new WordPress post window to switch from Visual to Text and verse versa.

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You really need to switch from text to editor before pasting ad code and then switch back before clicking update or publish if you are just creating a new blog post.

How To Create Ads Codes On NG Adverts

  1. Go to NG and login with your username and password.
  2. Click on Publisher, then click on AD CODES and click CREATE.
  3. Leave Ad Display as predefined.
  4. Ad Code Name, type You May Like.
  5. Ad Code Type, select CPC, CPM and CPA.
  6. Targeting Site, select your site(blog).
  7. AdBlock type, select Text/Banner/Text+image.
  8. Select Adblock, here you can select ad sizes of your choice depending on where to paste the code on your site.
  9. Then finally click create.

How To Create Native Ads On NG Adverts

  1. Type in on your web browser and click login.
  2. Enter your username and password and click login.
  3. Click on Publisher, then click on AD CODES and click CREATE.
  4. Change Ad Display as predefined to Native.
  5. Ad Code Name, type You May Like.
  6. Ad Code Type, select CPC, CPM and CPA.
  7. Targeting Site, select your site(blog).
  8. AdBlock type, select Text/Banner/Text+image.
  9. Select Adblock, here you can select different ad sizes.
  10. Then finally click create.

How Manage Ads Codes On NG Adverts

  • Login into your account.
  • Click on Publisher.
  • Click AD on AD CODES.
  • Click on MANAGE AD CODES.
  • Here you will see list of AD Codes you have create.
  • At the right hand side of AD Codes under options, click on edit button close to the delete button to copy and paste your Ad Codes on your blog.

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You don’t have to create Ad Code multiple times. Once you have create Ad Code, navigate to MANAGE AD CODES to reuse it over and over again.

How to Check Ad Codes Performance on NG Adverts

  • Login into your account.
  • Click on Publisher.
  • Click AD on AD CODES.
  • Click on MANAGE AD CODES.
  • Here you will see list of AD Codes you have create.
  • Click on the AD CODE Name(You May Like) to see the
  • performance of that particular AD.

You can also view your general AD CODES performance, when you are on your PUBLISHER dashboard.

You can view all the performance of your ad codes you created, including the number of clicks, impression, conversion, profit, just to mention a few.

You can scroll down to view the the different analysis of how your Ad codes are performing.

NG Adverts Payment Threshold

You are qualified to get paid when your earnings reach a minimum of N5,000. Before you qualify to get paid on NG ADverts, you have to reach a threshold of N5000 or more.

Because, NG Adverts will also charge N150 transaction fee.

NG Adverts Withdrawal Charge

There is a fee of N150 for every withdrawal request you make on your earnings. So we advice that you have a little above the threshold amount before placing your withdrawal request.

When Do NG Adverts Pay Publishers

All Publishers who have reached the minimum payout amount, will have their payout request added to the queue on the 15th of every month.

All payments in queue are process 30 business days from the day of request. Please Note: When your payment request is added to the queue, our accounts department will run a forensic check on your account for click quality and impression.

Accounts found to have low click quality will not receive their funds and face the risk of being suspended; so, avoid any black-hat technique.

NG Adverts Website Application Approval Time

After you have sent in your website for approval, your application will be processed within 1hour; except on weekends and holidays where support will be sparingly available.

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You can make profit with NG Adverts by using it to monetize your blog. No minimum traffic, you get approval within 24 hours. Google adsense is the best.

But it is difficult to get Google adsense approval now. Especially if you are from this part of the globe.

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