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How to Accept payments for your business using KongaPay Merchant

Merchant KongaPay Business

How to  Accept payments for your business

Gone are the days when accepting payments from your online store, business and services seems impossible.

In this ultimate guide, I will show how to become KongaPay Merchant to accept payment in your online store and businesses. KongaPay Merchant make it easy to accept payment from all your customers.

Brief History of KongaPay

KongaPay was launched as a pilot product in 2015 in partnership with Nigerian commercial banks in order to work seemlessly for customers only within the Konga.com’s platform.

The greatest threats of shopping online, that is, the challenge of lack of trust in making online payment was resolved by KongaPay which has made it possible for anyone to use Konga’s online platform.

This innovation had protected online shoppers against the reports of fraud on their bank accounts online. KongaPay is similar to what is seen in Aliexpress platform – alipay with its one-click payments.

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It was unveiled in Lagos, Nigeria at a KongaPay Demo event. The payment option has been fully integrated with Nigerian Commercial banks like Ecobank, Access (Diamond) bank, FCMB, Zenith Bank, Heritage Bank, UBA, First Bank and GTB.

KongaPay is in partnership with Nigeria’s banks. Konga.com strongly believe that together, they could change the face of online shopping in Nigeria by removing the uncertainties customers associate with pre-paying for goods and services they are yet to receive.”

KongaPay has become the game-changer in online shopping in Nigeria. This is because it has made possible for a seamless movement of goods, services and payments. This has grown safety and trust among Konga’s users.

With KongaPay, a customer receives an authorization code that is secured and registered to the mobile phone number (2-Factor-Authentication) on the website.

There is no need for customers to sign up for electronic banking if the customer has a registered mobile phone number and a bank account.

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KongaPay has eliminated the use of sensitive personal information such as Internet banking passwords or card details with just a simple click.

Features of KongaPay Merchant

Become a KongaPay Merchant to get access to amazing features that will make your life easy from your users like:

  • Offer your customers a seamless payment experience on your platform.
  • Use KongaPay to process online and offline transactions.
  • Take advantage of our recurring and subscription billing services.
  • Receive payment via QR codes on social media and offline.
  • Monitor your transactions real time.
  • Hierarchical user account creation and management.
    It’s a POS and more!


Prices have been crafted with you in mind such as:

KongaPay Merchant Business

KongaPay BusinessBusiness KongaPay

Android SDK, IOS SDK and Web Payment Plugin

Integrate KongaPay Merchant service on your website/app with ease.

In the official documentation page of KongaPay Payment Gateway SDK, the SDK allows merchants to receive payments on their Website as well as Android and iOS Apps.

In order to use KongaPay Payment Gateway SDK, sign up as a Merchant on KongaPay. After signup, a Test API Key will be generated for you. Live API Key will be generated for you on meeting all requirements.

View the various SDK (Software Development Kit) documentations below.

Accept PaymentsAccept Payments Business

Payments Accept

If you want to start accepting payments for your business or online store click the link below:

your business

If already you have Merchant KongaPay account, you can login with the link below:

accept business

KongaPay Contact Details:

You can as well contact them directly and discuss your problem with them.

Phone:  0708 063 5700, 0809 460 5555

Email:  support@kongapay.com

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