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Latest Apple Watch Series 5 ‘Never Sleeps’Watch Series 5Details On Apple Watch Series 5

Apple’s latest watch, the Series 5, will put on a new look thanks to an always-on display. The Series 5 “never sleeps,” which means it will constantly display the time and other information without having to be raised or tapped.

Previous versions of the Apple (AAPL) Watch would go dark when a person lowered their wrist. The feature is just one of several Apple Watch updates the company revealed on Tuesday at a closely watched press event.

The Apple Watch Series 5 will also include a built-in compass, international emergency calling in more than 150 countries and 18 hours of battery life, even with the always-on feature.

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Frank Gillett, principal analyst at Forrester, said that, the Series 5 “improvements were very compelling for new and upgrade buyers, especially the always-on display and the expanding range of health monitoring features.”

Features of Apple Watch Series 5

Among these features are an improved heart rate monitor, the ability to track your menstrual cycle and an alert if noise levels rise to a point that could impact your hearing.

The Series 5 with GPS starts at $399 while the cellular model starts at $499. Pre-orders for the Series 5 start Tuesday and the watch will be delivered or available for pick-up in stores on September 20.

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There are stainless steel, titanium and ceramic options with heftier price tags and an Hermes designer line with watches starting at $1,250.

But the event had some good news for price-conscious consumers: With the debut of the Series 5, Apple announced it would be lowering the price of its Series 3 to $199 a considerable price cut for an item previously associated with luxury.

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