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Latest StarTimes Bouquet Subscription Plan PriceStarTimes Bouquet Subscription


StarTimes Bouquet Subscription Plan Price

StarTimes offers one of the best and affordable pay TV bouquet subscription prices in Africa.

StarTimes offers different categories of entertainment from Movies, Sports, Documentary, News, Nollywood,  Kids, Education, Local TV Channels, Music, Series, just to mention a few.

StarTimes is a Chinese electronics and media company with strong presence in Africa.

StarTimes offers digital terrestrial television and satellite television services to consumers, provides technologies to countries and broadcasters that are switching from analog to digital television.

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As of July 2019, StarTimes operates in 30 countries and serves 26 million users.

Brief History of StarTimes

StarTimes Group was founded in 1988 by Chinese engineer Pang Xinxing. He is the current chairman of StarTimes. In 2002, StarTimes began to expand its business to Africa.

In 2007, it became the first digital television operator licensed by Rwanda. Since then, StarTimes has established subsidiaries in 30 African countries.

In 2009, StarTimes and the Tanzania Public Service Broadcaster formed a joint venture to roll out digital migration.

In February 2016, StarTimes was awarded a DTH(Direct-to-Home) license in Ivory Coast but the operations began in October 2016.

On November 23, 2016, StarTimes was one of the three companies selected by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to establish and operate DTH distribution services in Pakistan for 15 years.

On September 2, 2017, the Government of Chad and StarTimes signed an agreement on digital migration.

After a lengthy process, StarTimes was chosen to build a Digital Terrestrial Television network that will include digitization of national infrastructures, television broadcast and reception.

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In 2018, StarTimes began to implement “Access to satellite TV for 10,000 African villages”, a China-Africa cooperation project aimed at giving rural areas of Africa access to digital media.

In June 2018, StarTimes launched ON, a video streaming service (OTT) giving access to dozens of channels in Africa.

StarTimes Decoder Old Bouquet Prices

StarTimes Decoder With ANTENNA Bouquet Prices

  • Nova NGN 900
  • Basic NGN 1700
  • Classic NGN 2500

StarTimes Decoder With DISH Bouquet Prices

  • StarTimes Nova NGN 900
  • starTimes Sports Plus NGN 1200
  • StarTimes Smart NGN 1220
  • StarTimes Super NGN 4200
  • StarTimes Chinese NGN 6600

Nigerian leading pay- TV, StarTimes, have marginally adjusted its subscription prices taking effect from August 1 just as the company deepened its content offering with new channels.

Latest StarTimes Bouquet Subscription Prices

StarTimes Decoder With ANTENNA

  • Nova NGN 900
  • Basic NGN 1700
  • Classic NGN 2500

StarTimes Decoder With DISH

  • StarTimes Nova NGN 900
  • StarTimes Smart NGN 2200
  • StarTimes Super NGN 4200

With the price increase, basic bouquet now goes for N1,700 as against N1,300 monthly to enjoy close to 80 channels.

Classic Bouquet subscribers will pay N2,500 as against N1,900 monthly with close to 100 channels while Nova bouquet remains unchanged at N900 with over 43 channels.

StarTimes expands educational programmes for kids StarTimes offers more channels for latest COVID 19 info on their mobile application StarTimes ON.

The Brand and Marketing Executive of StarTimes, Viki Liu said for dish users: smart bouquet subscribers will pay N2,200 as against N1,900 monthly.

Super Bouquet subscribers will pay N4,200 as against N3,800 monthly while Nova bouquet remains unchanged at N900.

She stated that StarTimes was not known for incessant price increase, recalling how the firm slashed prices on two
occasions in 2017 and 2018 in its drive to make digital TV available to every home.

So far the company has expanded the scope of its offerings, introducing 15 new channels in the last six months as well as the pay as you go which enables subscribers to daily or weekly.

The price increase was said to have been effected in other
African countries since the first quarter of this year.

The new pricing took effect in Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Guinea and Madagascar from March 1st, while it took effect in Rwanda and Zambia on June 1st 2020.

The company said the recent increment in the Value Added Tax (VAT) from 5 % to 7.5 % as well as the foreign exchange rate had impacted on the cost of operation.

“All of our foreign content is bought in dollars and to
continually serve our subscribers the best content, the subscription price has to be reviewed upwards.

“Dollar was about N360 in 2017; today, it’s above N450 in the parallel market. Unfortunately, certain external factors are beyond our control; we are forced to adjust to realities before us,” Liu added.

StarTimes Customer Care

  • National Service Hotline.
  • 094618888 24 hours everyday.
  • 014618888 7:00-20:00 everyday.

Click here and use the drop down menu from the left hand side on StarTimes contact page to select your regional StarTimes help line.

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