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StarTimes Daily Bouquet

StarTimes Daily Bouquet Subscription Prices

Get to know prices of daily StarTimes Bouquet subscription is vital for subscribers that are not always at home to watch their StarTimes DTT or DTH Bouquet subscription.

Despite the fact that, you can now watch your cable TV subscription on TV, on device and On-The-Go on your smartphone.

This is however, happening in Europe and other Continent, but in Africa, this service is limited in supply.

Because data to stream online content is a very expensive, OTT is just growing, not to mention electricity supply.

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However, if you are not always at home to watch your cable TV subscription, why paying for what you will not be available to consume.

This is why I personally like StarTimes. Because StarTimes offer daily, weekly and monthly subscription Bouquet.

In this blog post, I will show you latest StarTimes Daily Bouquet subscription with their respective prices.

I recommend you continue reading, to get all the gist.

Brief History of StarTimes

StarTimes Group was founded in 1988 by Chinese engineer Pang Xinxing.

He is the current chairman of StarTimes. In 2002, StarTimes began to expand its business to Africa.

In 2007, it became the first digital television operator licensed by Rwanda.

Since then, StarTimes has established subsidiaries in 30 African countries

In 2009, StarTimes and the Tanzania Public Service Broadcaster formed a joint venture to roll out digital migration.

In February 2016, StarTimes was awarded a DTH(Direct-to-Home) license in Ivory Coast but the operations began in October 2016.

On November 23, 2016, StarTimes was one of the three companies selected by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to establish and operate DTH distribution services in Pakistan for 15 years.

On September 2, 2017, the Government of Chad and StarTimes signed an agreement on digital migration.

After a lengthy process, StarTimes was chosen to build a Digital Terrestrial Television network that will include digitization of national infrastructures, television broadcast and reception.

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In 2018, StarTimes began to implement “Access to satellite TV for 10,000 African villages”,  a China-Africa cooperation project aimed at giving rural areas of Africa access to digital media.

In June 2018, StarTimes launched ON, a video streaming service (OTT) giving access to dozens of channels in Africa.

Daily StarTimes Subscription Bouquet Prices

DTT_StarTimes Antenna Daily Bouquet Prices

  • DTT_Nova ₦90 per day
  • DTT_Basic ₦160 per day
  • DTT_Classic ₦320 per day

DTH_StarTimes Dish Daily Bouquet Prices

  • DTH_Nova ₦90 per day
  • DTH_Smart ₦200 per day
  • DTH_Super ₦400 per day
  • Combo_Smart_Basic ₦200 per day
  • Combo_Super_Classic ₦400 per day

It is better to pay for Daily or Weekly StarTimes Bouquet subscription that you will watch than paying for the whole month, which you might not likely watch more than two weeks of that subscription.

This is the reason why I personally use this daily Bouquet subscription alot. Since I’m always busying and not always at home.

When I’m at home, less busy and provided there is power Back Up, that is the time I subscribe for StarTimes daily Bouquet.

You should know the time that works for you. So maximize it, stop wasting your subscription and your money for what you might not likely use.

StarTimes Customer Care Unit

  • 094618888 24 hours everyday
  • 014618888 7:00-20:00 everyday
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