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Pay GOtv Subscription Package With Your Smartphone

GOtv Smartphone

How to Pay GOtv Subscription Package With Your phone

GOtv subscribers can now recharge or pay their GOtv decoder subscription from anywhere at any time.

With the new upgraded MyGOtv App and improved GOtv Africa website, viewers can renew their GOtv subscription by using ltheir login details with Surname or mobile number and IUC number.

In this blog post, i will show you how to renew and upgrade your GOtv subscription package from the comfort of your home with phone or PC and web browser.

Brief History of GOtv Africa

GOtv Africa is a paid TV satellite service in Africa owned by Nigerian broadcaster MultiChoice.

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It mainly consists of African and international programming and is headquartered in Lagos State.

The satellite channel was founded in October 2011 by MultiChoice Nigeria. The current director general is John Ugbe.

It features African and international content from news, entertainment, movies, documentary, series, sports and more.

GOtv Presence  in many Africans States Such as:

  • GOtv Botswana
  • GOtv Burkina Faso
  • GOtv Cameroun
  • GOtv Congo-Brazzaville
  • GOtv Equitorial Guinea
  • GOtv Ghana
  • GOtv Guinea Bisau
  • GOtv Guinea Conakry
  • GOtv Ivory Coast
  • GOtv Kenya
  • GOtv Malawi
  • GOtv Mozambique
  • GOtvNamibia
  • GOtv Nigeria
  • GOtv Uganda
  • GOtv Zambia

How to Recharge GOtv Subscription Package With Your Mobile phone

Before you pay your GOtv subscription package using your smartphone, you have to ensure that you have good internet connection or your smartphone.

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Money in your bank account, at least amount greater than your subscription price. Valid ATM card and transaction alert notification on your mobile number or email for OTP use.

Good web browser mobile web browser like Brave. If you are not using Brave browser on your Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. You are certainly missing out.

Because Brave browser is open source web browser that shields your privacy, blocks tracker and harmful ads and you can earn token by browsing and contribute directly through Brave rewards.

GOtv Contact Help Center

To get started, click here to download Brave browser for Android, Windows, Marc and Linux.

What GOtv Self Help Service Can Do

  • Make Subscription Payment
  • Change or Upgrade Packge
  • Edit Account details like Name, Email, Phone Number,
  • Address and State of residence.
  • Clear error messages on TV screen like E16, E32.
  • Chat with GOtv customer representative.
  • Contact customer help on social media.
  • Manage all your GOtv issues.

How To Recharge GOtv Subscription With Your Phone

  • Go to GOtv Africa
  • Tap the first icon to your right hand side with human drawing.
  • Put you Surname or Mobile Number you registered your GOtv with.
  • Put your IUC Number.
  • Tap LOG IN. After successful LOG IN into your account.
  • Your subscription package will automatically selected. If you want to change your package, you can do it here.
  • Tap PAY NOW.
  • Scroll down and tap Pay Now.
  • Select Make Once Off Payment.
  • Tap the circle close to PayU to select it.
  • Tap Next.
  • On select payment option page, select Once off payment and tap Next.
  • Filling your Card number, card holder name, month that your card will expire (MM) and YY ( year that your card will expire), deselect securely store card with PayU for future purchases.
  • Tap Pay.
  • Tap receive OTP via registered phone number to select and tap please check this box to agree to terms of use.
  • Then tap submit.
  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered phone number and tap submit.
  • Then you shall receive a message your transaction was successful. tap continue.
  • Then tap DONE. close the feed back window at the top right corner of the feed page. But if you want to give feed back just on.

That is all, you are done. There is nothing wrong in you trying to pay your GOtv subscription by yourself.

GOtv payment gateway is fantastic. If you have anything issues with the process of recharging your GOtv subscription you can contact GOtv NG customer care on Facebook.

Narrate your issue and put your IUC number number. They are very fast and excellent in response to solving your problem.

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