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Satview Satellite Frequency

Satview Network Satellite TV will be launched with over 80+ premium TV channels with no monthly payments! Over 80 free channels with movies, News, Kiddies shows, sports realities, lifestyle and so more.

Satview satellite receiver is embedded with broadband high speed internet for the whole family and their networking devices.

They also have high speed internet router available for businesses across Nigeria.

Satview Network Satellite TV Test Transmission

Satview Network satellite TV test transmission have been launched on air, and will continue until 18th October 2021 with 30+ free premium TV channels and more channels to come.

The test transmission of their channels has taken off, over the next few days more TV channels will be added. All channels will be Free-to-air until 18th October.

However their decoder will go on sale on the 1st October 2021. They are leaving all channels Free to air and accessible on any Free-to-Air HD box until October 18th.

So you can have a taste of their Premium content before the purchase of their Decoder.

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From 18th October, viewers will need to make a one-time purchase of their set-top box to continue enjoying their premium content.

What is Satview

Satview Network Satellite TV is Nigeria’s first NO SUBSCRIPTION Direct to Home Satellite service provider with PREMIUM TV CHANNELS.

You can enjoy over 80 channels without monthly Subscription with popular movies, sports, dramas, children and educational programmes.

Satview Network will be available nationwide in Nigeria with no monthly subscription fees. There is a one-time cost to purchase and install the Customer Satellite receiver equipment.

The number of channels are growing and subject to change.

Who Owns Satview

Satview is operated by The Dexterity Group which is wholly Nigerian owned.

They will be providing best of content, entertainment, information and education to their viewers, and having mutually rewarding and transparent relationships with all their viewers.

The Dexterity Group has a consuming passion for World Class Quality TV.

Satview is a unique Free-To-View Direct-to-Home service where you simply pay a onetime fee for the Customer Satellite receiver equipment and begin enjoying their programmes with No monthly fees.

Advantage of Satview over other Subscription paid TV

Satview Network offers premium channels with excellent picture and sound quality for all their channels. There are no recurring charges to be paid by you, unlike other Pay TV services.

Advertisement on Satview

Satview business model is to make premium TV content available for free and then make a lot more money charging advertisers than charging viewers.

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Satview would offer TV entertainment for free to the masses and then leverage on the eyeballs of the masses to sell advertising.

Audience size determines how much money can be made from advertising. So they want to get their boxes into as many homes as possible and leverage on this for ad revenue.

In addition to their Free to view channels, customers who still want more after their wide array of channels that are free to view.

Satview will offer aditional Subscription Package called Movies Box Office and More TV.

particularly for people who want international channels and want to see the latest movies from the comfort of their homes, Note this is optional.

Satview School TV

Satview is with the world’s largest educational bouquet on TV with one 24 hours channel per class from Primary 1 to senior secondary School 3.

They also have a dedicated channel for students studying for A-Levels. Nobody beats the value that Satview brings to Nigeria.

Satview Annual Subscripton fee

I personally believe their will be annual administrative fee. But, once you buy their decoder you will be able to watch 80+ channels without subscription.

However there will be an annual administrative fee, which will be payable per box after a year that the box was activated.

The fee is not yet confirm. I am just speculating it, because managing Satellite TV is expensive. We don’t want them to fold-up, abi?.

Satview is for Nigerians and we will do everything to encourage them.

Satview Satellite TV Coverage

Satview Network satellite broadcast footprint cover Sub-Saharan Africa with time.

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Satview Network is available on NigComSat postion 42.5°East

Satview Satellite Frequency and Symbol Rate

  • NigComSat: 42.5 Degrees East
  • Frequency: 12589
  • Symbol Rate: 26250
  • Polarization: Horizontal

How to Track Satview Network Satellite TV

Satview recently announced 80+ Premium TV channels and still growing, located on NigComSat-1R 42.5 Degrees East.

With over 35,000,000+ TV home in Nigeria and over 190,000,000+ TV audience in Nigeria.

Catch this bird by tracking NigComSat on 42.5 degrees East and inputting Frequency 12589 and Symbol Rate 26250, after hitting green then do a blind scan to receive all the TV channels.

Satview Network is not free to air, even though it is free to view. You MUST purchase their decoder to receive all their TV channels.

Once you buy a box you will be able to watch all their 80+ channels without subscription.

However there will be annual administrative fee per box after one year that the box has been in use.

I’m happy to see Nigerians venturing into satellite TV. This will eventually break eventually break the monopoly of pay TV giant in Africa like DSTV, GOtv and StarTimes.

Nigerians can now watch digital satellite TV at minimal or no cost.

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