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Satview Satellite channels

Satview Network Satellite TV will be launched with over 80+ premium TV channels.

No monthly payments! Over 80 free channels with movies, News, Kiddies shows, sports realities, lifestyle and so more.

Satview satellite receiver is embedded with broadband high speed internet connectivity for the whole family and their networking devices.

They also have high speed internet router available for businesses across Nigeria.

Satview Test Transmission

Satview satellite test transmission have been launched on air, and will continue untill 18th October 2021 with 30+ free premium TV channels and more channels to come.

The test transmission of their channels has taken off, over the next few days more TV channels will be added. All channels will be Free-to-air until 18th October.

However their decoder will go on sale on the 1st October 2021. They are leaving all channels Free to air and accessible on any Free to air HD box until October 18th.

So you can have a taste of their Premium content before the purchase of their Decoder.

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From 18th October, viewers will need to make a one-time purchase of their set-top box to continue enjoying their premium content.

What is Satview Satellite TV

Satview Network is Nigeria’s first NO SUBSCRIPTION Direct to Home Satellite service provider with PREMIUM TV CHANNELS.

You can enjoy over 80 channels without monthly Subscription with popular movies, sports, dramas, children and educational programmes.

Satview Network will be available nationwide in Nigeria with no monthly subscription fees. There is a one-time cost to purchase and install the Customer Satellite eeceiver equipment.

The number of channels are growing and subject to change.

Who Owns Satview Satellite TV

Satview is operated by The Dexterity Group which is wholly Nigerian owned.

They will be providing best of content, entertainment, information and education to their viewers, and having mutually rewarding and transparent relationships with all their viewers.

The Dexterity Group has a consuming passion for World Class Quality TV.

Satview is a unique Free-To-View Direct-to-Home service where you simply pay a onetime fee for the Customer Satellite receiver equipment and begin enjoying their programmes with No monthly fees.

Satview Launch Date

The National commercial launch and unveiling of Satview decoders is October first, and it will be happening in Lagos.

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Then they will proceed to unveil the brand in the 6 Geo-political zones of Nigeria.

Satview Satellite TV Regional Launch Dates in Nigeria

  • South West – Ibadan – Saturday, October 2
  • North central – Abuja – Tuesday, October 5
  • North East – Gombe – Thursday, October 7
  • North West – Kano – Saturday, October 9
  • South South – Porthacourt Monday, October 11
  • South East – Enugu – Wednesday October 13

Satview Satellite TV channels


  • GBEDU tv


  • Kingdom Africa TV


  • The Sports connect
  • Sport ON


  • D’mall
  • trips TV

Documentary & Lifestyle

  • Docu TV 24
  • Lifestyle 24
  • Reality TV 24
  • Fitfam TV 24
  • Food Network 24
  • Animal Channel 24
  • CSTV
  • eventful

Ethnic Channels

  • Amuludun TV
  • Ngwanu
  • Mozuti
  • Mozuti2
  • ijaw TV
  • ibibio TV
  • TivTV


  • School TV – Preschool
  • School TV – Primary
  • School TV – Junior Secondary
  • School TV – Senior Secondary
  • School TV – A levels


  • Junior Network
  • Keens Network
  • Spinn TV


  • Telenovena 24
  • Blockbusters 24
  • Teleseries 24
  • Bollywood 24
  • Nollywood 24
  • China Land 24
  • Afro Series 24
  • Kingdom Movies 24
  • Korean Drama

General Entertainment

  • WAAWU tv
  • Dexterity TV
  • Tanger TV
  • Family Network Africa
  • Comedy Channel 24
  • Game Show 24

News & Commerce

  • TN2
  • Business Plus TV

Local stations



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