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StarTimes Go Online Shopping is StarTimes online shopping store on StarTimes On mobile App. Before shopping on StarTimes Go Online Shopping store, you have to download the StarTimes ON App from the Google Playstore and Apple iOS store.

StarTimes is a well-known group and a pioneer in pay TV industry, has operated more than a decade in Africa with more than 20 million subscribers. StarTimes is an extremely reliable and trustable brand.

Brief History of StarTimes

StarTimes Group was founded in 1988 by Chinese engineer Pang Xinxing. He is the current chairman of StarTimes. In 2002, StarTimes began to expand its business to Africa.

In 2007, it became the first digital television operator licensed by Rwanda. Since then, StarTimes has established subsidiaries in 30 African countries

In 2009, StarTimes and the Tanzania Public Service Broadcaster formed a joint venture to roll out digital migration.

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In February 2016, StarTimes was awarded a DTH(Direct-to-Home) license in Ivory Coast but the operations began in October 2016.

On November 23, 2016, StarTimes was one of the three companies selected by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to establish and operate DTH distribution services in Pakistan for 15 years.

On September 2, 2017, the Government of Chad and StarTimes signed an agreement on digital migration.

After a lengthy process, StarTimes was chosen to build a Digital Terrestrial Television network that will include digitization of national infrastructures, television broadcast and reception.

In 2018, StarTimes began to implement “Access to satellite TV for 10,000 African villages”, a China-Africa cooperation project aimed at giving rural areas of Africa access to digital media.

In June 2018, StarTimes launched ON, a video streaming service (OTT) giving access to dozens of channels in Africa.

1. StarTimes DTT SD Decoder: One Month Classic Bouquet for free. Antenna and Accessories. Price NGN 7,900.

StarTimes Go

Main Features

  • Fully Compatible with DVB-T/DVB-T
  • Embedded with the conditional access system (CA)
  • Support the electronic program guides (EPG) function and
  • pre-order TV program function
  • Supoort to receive email
  • Provide the instant and personalized screen message prompt
  • Support multi-language INFO
  • Be capable of the identity control, watch rating and parent lock
  • Be capable of program memeory in case of power failure

Package includes

  • 1*StarTimes Light Decoder
  • 1*Remote control
  • 2*AAA batery
  • 1*External AC/DC power adapter with surge protection (DC 12V, 1.0A)
  • 1*RCA extension cable
  • 1*Quick guide

Additional Information

  • Delivering in all region in Nigeria
  • Deliver Fee: NGN 2000
  • Installation Fee: NGN 1000
  • Whatsapp (1) 09087393415
  • Whatsapp (2) 08172398130
  • Facebook:

2. COMBO StarTimes Decoder: One Month SUPER Bouquet, Dish and Accessories. Price NGN 8,900.

Online Shopping

Main Features

  • Support both Terrestrial TV(DTT) Service and Satellite Service of StarTimes.
  • Fully DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2 Compliant.
  • Support Hardware Decoding of HEVC at 1080p60, FULL HD.
  • Digital Picture Quality.
  • Simple Remote Control.
  • Friendly User Interface.
  • Integrated Electronic Programme Guide.
  • Automatic Software Upgrade.

Additional Information

  • Delivering in all region in Nigeria
  • Deliver Fee: NGN 2000
  • Installation Fee: NGN 3000
  • Whatsapp (1) 09087393415
  • Whatsapp (2) 08172398130
  • Facebook:

Package includes

  • 1*StarTimes COMBO Decoder
  • 1*Remote control
  • 2*AAA batery
  • 1*External AC/DC power adapter with surge protection (DC 12V, 1.0A)
  • 1*RCA extension cable
  • 1*Quick guide

1. StarTimes TV 32”  LED TV: Two Month SUPER Bouquet free,
Dish and Acccessories.

StarTimes Products

  • Built-in Decoder
  • Model: E32BJLHH
  • Screen Size : 32 inches
  • Price: NGN 66,900
  • Bezel : 14mm
  • Screen Category : HD LED
  • Resolution : 1366*768
  • USB2.0 : 2
  • HDMI: 1
  • YPbPr : 1
  • Audio System : Digital 8W*2
  • Voltage : 100-240V, 65W.
  • Signal : DVB-T/T2 | DVB-S/S2.
  • Plug & Watch.
  • Free Access to 100 Pay TV channels and free-to-air channels.
  • 12 Months Warranty.
  • Size(mm) : 792*432*68.

Additional Information

  • Delivering in all region in Nigeria
  • Deliver Fee: NGN 2000
  • Installation Fee: NGN 3000
  • Whatsapp (1) 09087393415
  • Whatsapp (2) 08172398130
  • Facebook:StarTimesNG Facebook Page

2. StarTimes 43” LED TV: Dish and Accessories, free two month SUPER Bouquet Free.

Online StarTimes

  • Built in Decoder
  • Bezel: 5mm
  • Screen: Size 43 inches
  • Price: 109,000
  • Include 3 month Super + Unique bouquet free
  • Bezel: 5mm
  • Screen Category: FHD LED
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • USB2.0: 2 (Left for Multi-media port; right for OS upgrade only)
  • HDMI: 2
  • Audio System: Digital Noise Filter System 8W*2
  • Voltage: 90-264V, 75W
  • Signal: Analog; DVB-T/T2 | DVB-S/S2
  • Size(mm): 970*562*90

Additional Information

  • Delivering in all region in Nigeria
  • Deliver Fee: NGN 2000
  • Installation Fee: NGN 3000
  • Whatsapp (1) 09087393415
  • Whatsapp (2) 08172398130
  • Facebook:

StarTimes LED TVs Description

The main features of Startimes 3-in-1 Digital HD LED TV is derive from customers’ demands which, in short, is the service and convenience we provide.

StarTimes Digital TV itself is an evolution of previous TVs, which you can freely have access to StarTimes terrestrial and satellite channels and 100 free channels without any kind of external decoders.

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Due to that, StarTimes digital TV has a much lower power consumption than all other TVs on one hand.

On the other hand, take our 32” digital TV as an example, it only consumes 65W per hour which equals to the power consumption of 3 to 5 bubs used in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, a budget of buying decoders and accessories are saved on one hand, and there’s no concerns of unnecessary cables and remotes on the other.

Additionally, the TVs’ firmware is also upgradable either via distance signal or a flash drive.

From the perspective of our service, apart from our well-known pay TV service, we provide one-stop shopping service, the most thorough after sales service, local hot line service and etc. Operated by our nationwide business operation network.

In specific, regarding the one-stop shopping, any customer who buys a TV from our business halls can directly pay for subscription and installation of a TV, dish and antenna at the same time, and even delivery could be covered.

What you need to do is merely plug your TV and watch. Regarding our service, especially our after sales service, our warranty not only covers the workmanship fee, but also covers replacement of parts for different duration.

While, for example, some other brand’s warranty only covers workmanship fee, and you have to pay for replacing broken parts even when your TV is under warranty.

Additionally, since we have 8 regional offices, 56 business halls , more than 3000 dealers and sophisticated call center team in Nigeria, you’re always welcome to drop by to make enquiries either online or offline.

Buying StarTimes Digital TV saves both your time and budget, relieves your concerns of after sales, enables you to enjoy more programs. All of these are the proof of how we care about customers, how we build the pathway for you to enjoy a better.

StarTimes S210 Solar System

StarTimes S210 is multi-functions lightening indoor and outdoor, charging mobile phones, power home DC appliances such as TV, fans and DC Led bulbs.

products StarTimes

The battery is in-built controller with 210WH. Convenient to use anywhere with its smart size; lighting every with the battery alone due to the in-built torch.

The LFP battery is much safer than lead acid batteries with longer life span of over 7 years. S210 product display includes, panel, battery, 4 led bulbs and mobile charging cable.

polysilicon phtovoltaic panel with a higher conversion rate from sunlight to electricity.

StarTimes Solar System LCD Display and Power Consumption

It provides a better visual interaction, as you can check the remaining power level, charging status, remaining available days, product ID, etc.

Much brighter with lower power consumption and longer life span, while the lampshade makes the light highly focused.

StarTimes Solar System  Usage

Plug and play, convenient and simple. Each slot has an icon which is easy to understand. Everyone can easily learn how to use.

Duration of Hours With One Full Charge

  • 24 hours with four bulbs
  • Over 10 hours with 1 StarTimes 24” TV
  • Over 8 hours with 4 bulbs and 1 StarTimes 24” TV

StarTimes Solar System Features

  • Photovoltaic Panel: 50W
  • LCD Display
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Eco-friendly

StarTimes Customer Services

  • 7/24 hotline aftersales service.
  • Nationalwide outlets awaiting your visits.
  • Professional aftersales teams to help with customers issues.

Additinal Information

Shipping fee is NGN 2000. But contact customer help line( 014618888) service to confirm whether the logistic can be delivered before placing order.

After payment, door-to-door delivery is 72 hours by default. Installtion fee is NGN 3000.

How to Use StarTimes Go Online Shopping Store on StarTimes ON App

Using StarTimes Go Online Shopping is easy and convenient process to order StarTimes products like Led TVs, StarTimes decoders and StarTimes solar system and have it delivered to your door step.

  • Just download StarTimes ON App from the Google playstore and Apple store to get started.
  • After downloading StarTimes ON App on your smart phone, then Sign in, with your Facebook, Google or register new
    StarTimes ON account, if you don’t have Facebook or Google (Gmail) account.
  • After successful login, tap the icon (me) on your StarTimes App located at the bottom right hand side of StarTimes ON App.
  • Tap StarTimes Go Online Shopping, to take you to StarTimes Go Online Store.
  • Browse the store and tap the item you want to buy to display the details about the item and StarTimes extra bonus offer on the item.
  • Then, tap Add to cart button and select view cart.
  • Tap the Checkout button
  • Filling your billing address. This must include your full name, State, LGA, mobile number and Street address. Because after the order is placed, StarTimes will verify the order and confirm that their rider will deliver the goods to you. They will contact you by phone call.
  • Tap Place order button. Then follows the subsequent process to complete your transaction.

There many products you can buy from StarTimes shops. The items listed here are just few products listed on the  StarTimes Go Online Shopping Store. You can buy many more products that are not listed here from StarTimes outlets.

Distance should not be a barrier to buying StarTimes products no matter your location. Especially for people living in a location where there is no StarTimes oulets.

StarTimes just want to make it easy for people to place order from the comfort of their home and have their item delivered to them.

e-commerce is making online shopping convenient more than ever. We encourage people to buy online because
is getting better and better.


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