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StarTimes Bouquet Change

How to Change StarTimes Subscription Bouquet

How to change StarTimes subscription Bouquet is one question that every StarTimes subscribers that want to migrate from one subscription bouquet to another.

Changing StarTimes Bouquet, is not as easy like changing your Gotv subscription package.

In this blog post, I will to show you, how to easily migrated from one Bouquet subscription to another.

What is StarTimes?

StarTimes is a Chinese electronics and media company with strong presence in Africa, that offers digital terrestrial television and satellite television services to consumers,
provides technologies to countries and broadcasters that are switching from analog to digital television.

What is StarTimes Bouquet Subscription?

StarTimes bouquet subscription is one time pass payment access to StarTimes pay TV Network for a particular period of time based on the bouquet paid for.

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StarTimes offer daily bouquet subscription, weekly bouquet subscription, monthly, quarterly, and yearly bouquet subscription.

How to Change StarTimes Bouquet Subscription

Migrating from one Bouquet subscription plan to another, is very common to all pay TV subscribers.

This mostly happens when a TV subscriber want to enjoy higher premium TV channels or lower TV channels, that is Upgrading and Downgrading, as the case may be.

Migrating from one StarTimes Bouquet to another, is not as easy like that of GOtv or DSTV. No StarTimes subscribers can easily change from one Bouquet to another.

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For any StarTimes users to migrate from one Bouquet to another, you will need to go to any StarTimes Merchant closer to you or call StarTimes helpline.

It is not possible for StarTimes client to change their Bouquet subscription plan for now. I believe soon, that feature, will be enable for all StarTimes users.

That will be the best option. As a pay TV provider, StarTimes should try to make Bouquet migration as simple and anytime change for their all customers.

This will also boost their revenue. Because the stress to change Bouquet, is restricting most users to remain on a particular Bouquet.

If you want me to change your StarTimes bouquet for you, WhatsAPP Me, but is not free. I will charge you a service fee.

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