What is Internet of Everything? IOE

The Internet has evolved in ways that we could never have imagined. In the beginning, advancements occurred slowly. Today, innovation and communication are happening at a remarkable rate.

From its humble beginning as the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) in 1969, when it interconnected a few sites.

It is now predicted that the Internet will interconnect 50 billion things by 2020. The Internet now provides global connections that make web surfing, social media, and smart mobile devices surfing.

The internet

Normally, when people use the term Internet, they are not referring to the physical connections in the real world. Rather, they tend to think of it as a formless collection of connections.

It is the “place” people go to find or share information. It is the 21st century library, video store, and personal photo album.

The Internet has dramatically changed how we work, live, play, and learn. Yet, we have barely scratched the surface. Using existing and new technologies, we are connecting the physical world to the Internet.

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Internet of Everything is when people, process, data and things are intelligently connected together.

The benefit of IOE are derived from the tremendous impact of connecting people, process, data and things and the value of increased connectedness creates the platform for everything to come online.

Possibilities of IOE

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is about connecting the unconnected. It allows things to be accessible from the internet that has historically have not been.

With 50 billion devices to be connected by 2020, the globe itself will be “growing a nervous system” and have the ability to sense and respond to ever increasing amounts of data.

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The Internet of Everything is able to improve quality of life for people everywhere by taking advantage of these connected things and the data produced.

The IoE also incorporates new processes that enable people to make better decisions and offerings.

It is by connecting the unconnected that we transition from the Internet to the Internet of Everything.

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Oyakhilome Ogbeta is a web developer and networking engineer. Oyakhilome has more than six years' experience in networking. Oyakhilome has a proven track record in networking/web applications deployment.

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